Turning Tires into Planters

Hey There, Mea Here!

So in the process of cleaning out my garage I found some old tires that needed to be thrown away, but since I am on my diy and repurposing kick I decided to reuse them for something else instead. Today my upcycling project not only consist of repurposing tires but also implementing them in my garden as planters!

Now we know that tires are pretty durable but to make sure that my planters can be unique and can stand the outside weather. This round, I am going to test the durability of my design by keeping them outside over the next few days.

To start I made sure that I cleaned my tires off the best I could and I left them outside to dry. I was working on my garden and picking up materials around the same time so this works out pretty well. Some of the materials that I used were;

  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Drill/ Drill Bits
  • Paint/ Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Natural Twisted Sisal Rope
  • Round Wood Pine and Square Shaped wood for the legs (Or use oops wood)
  • Some type of Weed Blocker (Usually used in landscaping or gardening)
  • Polyurethane (Optional)
Some of the materials that I used for the project.

If you noticed, I also bought some round cut pine create a temporary stand for the tires. The size varies based on the tire. I made sure that the wood was bigger than the tire just to be safe.

Clean tires helps the project run smoother. 🙂

Next, to make sure that the water drains out properly, I drilled some holes in the bottom and around the area where the tires edge line up with the wood before the opening.

Drilling the holes in the wood.

Next, I lined the wood up with the tire and insert bolts through the wood and tire and place a nut to hold them on the other side. (I forgot to take a picture on how the bolt looks on the other side. My apologies 😶). Once that is done I get ready to add the legs.

Tires w/ the wood connected.

Next, I worked on attaching the legs. I cut an 8ft pieces to about 8 1ft pieces.

8ft piece cut into 4 1ft pieces

Before I used the screws to attach the legs. I decided to secured the legs with wood glue to help hold the legs in place as I added the screws. The glue held on pretty good but I still added the nails for extra security.

Added wood glue to help secure the legs.

After I added the legs, I flipped it over to take a look.

Looking good and pretty solid. Next time I’ll make the legs bigger.

Next, I went ahead and created my design. I attached the rope using a hot glue gun (this is where the test comes in). I want to make sure that the rope stays on when it is outside mingling with the seasons (I have heard that superglue is another option and I may try that next). I also added some paint I had lying around as well (saves money of course). I decided to paint a blue (see the pic below) and a red tire. For the inside of the tire, I used a type of cloth that is used to block weeds in the garden. This was ideal because it will allow the water to drain and keep the dirt from falling through the holes.

So far it turned out pretty good. I love the colors!

Once I completed the design, i added a light layer of polyurethane just to give it a shine and an extra layer of protection. I sat them on my back patio, inserted a trellis (Home Depot), added some garden soil, and bought a Clematis see how it grows.

Now it’s time to test! Thank you for tuning in and I will catch up with you next time.

UPDATE: Well the planters did great in the summer but, I advise that shorten the legs and move it in the garage during the winter because if you have weather like St. Louis, it will wear down and the ropes will come off.

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