Giving My Hobby a Home – Phase 1

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Hey there, Mea here!

Ok… so… confessions.

When I first started designing, I honestly thought that I it was going to be short lived, especially considering that it was during my time of recovery. Over the year, I started to realize how serious my hobby really was and how really passionate I was becoming. Since then, I have worked on many projects, packed up a storage unit and a half full of new projects, invested in tools, redesigned some areas in my home, created a presence online, started a blog, and even enrolled in school for Interior Design. Now its getting to the point that I need a space that I can house all of my needed items and to call my own. Considering that I am not really ready to move into another building, I decided to create a my own craft/ design room in the back room of my basement.

Now I have only been in this house for a little over two years and I am still learning about it and working on things that I could change. This room was ideal because it was a nice size and had a closet where I could store some items in if I wanted. The next step, was the design. I want to fully utilized the space but not make it look cluttered. When writing down my ideas for the room, I decided to do the following:

  • Brighten up the room with a lighter color of paint.
  • Add more lighting.
  • Build wall mounted bar table.
  • Custom build a fabric table to measure my fabrics.
  • Lay new waterproof vinyl flooring (because concrete is really uncomfortable).
  • Install some new bookshelves for my library.
  • Turn my small closet into my fabrics and upholstery supplies area.
  • Remove the old door with the pet exit and add a one without.

My budget is $2000 (if that) and I would like to complete this over the next 5 months.

Even though the room is not the biggest in the house, I know that it was still going to take some time to complete due to time and using my own finances, so I decided to do everything in phases. The first thing that I wanted to focus on was removing any parts of the room that I didn’t want, and it this case, it was the old carpet and the vinyl that was on the floor.

Believe it or not, this was not a difficult task. The flooring was already pretty old and the previous owners assigned this room to their pets (which was four cats and one dog). So as you can imagine the smell of the carpet as I pulled it up :-(. Afterwards, I did the same to the vinyl section. This quickly gave the room a better smell and it even looked better. Next I am going to shop for some waterproof vinyl planks and the new paint color for the walls, until then I am going to complete a temporary setup that will do until I can move forward. Its going to take time but I think that it will be well worth it in the end. 🙂

Stay tuned…



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