Royalty – The Chair that Ignited My Passion

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Hey there, Mea here!

Its been a little over a year since I started my revamping hobby. I remember starting off with painting my first dresser (coming soon in a future post) and reupholstering my first chair that I call “Royalty”.

I remember coming across this particular chair one day when I was walking around the Goodwill. I noticed it sitting there all by its lonesome. Even though I didn’t really come for a chair, this one stuck out to me. I loved the look of the wood and cane frame, it was sturdy and  the foam was still in tact. This was a good find, and my goal was to take it home and make something of it. After I took it home, I started to work on my vision, I wanted to create a more update and unique chair while maintaining the structure of the original piece. I decided to paint the frame black and replace the fabric with a rabbit faux fur that I purchased from Joann’s Fabric.

To accomplish this, I had to first work on removing the current fabric. Considering the design of the chair, this part was pretty simple. After removing the dust cover, back fabric and Draco, I discovered that it was a few screws that held the back and seat of the chair together. After the pieces were dismantled, I made sure that I carefully removed the fabric off of each piece. You want to make sure that the old fabric is in tact because you can use those same pieces as templates for the new fabric. Next I painted the frame. I started with a gray primer then coated it with 3 layers of Onyx Black acrylic paint. I allowed each layer to dry for a couple of hours and once I was completely done with the paint, I let it dry for a day so that I can add the finish (Polycrylic) with no problem.

While the finish was drying, I started to work on reupholstering the cushions. This was pretty simple because I chose to remove the tuffed buttons, pipping, and leave the cushion as is. Since there was not pipping involved and the seat fabric was all one piece, after cutting out the new pieces, it didn’t take much time to put the fabric back on. I used staples to hold it in place. Once the pieces were complete and the frame was dry. I screwed the pieces back on and just stood back and admired my hard work :-).

This chair is special to me because it reignited my revamping passion and it was a pretty cool first project. I had it in my home for a while but now it lives in another wonderful home. I really hope the customer really enjoys it as much as I did making it!

Have an experience that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Royalty – The Chair that Ignited My Passion

  1. I am so in love with this chair. Mia you are truly an inspiration and your work is amazing. I love diy projects but sometimes I dont know where to start but watching you just dive into many of your projects, I’m encouraged. Keep the ideas coming!!!

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