Testing My Skills in Design

Hey there! Mea here!

This year I have really been pushing myself to reach my entrepreneurial goals. I have spent quite a bit of time planning what I wanted to do and creating test products. Now I am at the point where I am ready to complete my market analysis and get my ideas out there to solidify my target market but there are a few stipulations; I work full time and I am on a limited budget.

I had to find an opportunity and with this in mind, I found myself going back to my mind map to see what I can do. After only a few minutes, I decided that I would launch my second business “Chairz-N-Pairz” in an antique mall setting. This way I could complete my market analysis, display my products from my other company, get help with sales, and practice on my branding.

To get the ball rolling, I started searching for antique malls in nice locations. I wanted a place that was well lit, has nice traffic and has a nice amount of other vendors at that location as well. I found a few in my area, there was a nice waiting list, but I didnt let that deter me. I still moved forward with the application. Good thing I did. To my surprise it only took a few months for me to get a booth offer. Ecstatic, I quickly signed up and started planning for my setup.

I bet you are wondering if it was smooth sailing from here huh? Well I have to admit… setting up a booth calls for some work if you want to get a good return on investment. My first set up was pretty general. The goal was to get things in the both for the first couple of months. Now I am learning that the presentation makes a big impact as well.

When I arrived at the first location, I spent some time looking at other booths for inspiration. Interestingly enough, some booths were very neat and organized while others looked like an organized chaos. I chose to go with a more organized look. The goal to make my booth similar to a store display. I have already invested in display pieces like shelves and rugs and I am currently working ideas on the background display, greenery, lighting, and even making my booth appear taller and more cozy.

Well time to get back to work. As I move forward, I will share my progress along the way.

Stay tuned for the results!



One thought on “Testing My Skills in Design

  1. Hey Mia doing wonderful need to get back in your class.well you know I love pillows. Have you made any yet with saying or your initial on it or slip covering where you can change old pilliow in to a new one in minute. ? I can not wait to see your shops..so proud of you.Ms.Essie

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