Getting Her Done – Booth Magic Prt 1

Hey there, Mea here!

This past weekend has been very productive. For the past few months, I have been working on developing my second company, “Chairz-N-Pairz”. It is a resale shop that sells flipped furniture, unique finds, home decor, and DIY products. The ultimate goal is to move into my own location, but for now I have decided to start by renting a booth in an antique mall and scale from there. I chose this method because it gives me the time to test out my products, reduce overhead in my storage unit, work on designs, and gauge my target audience.

Since opening my first booth in November of last year, I have learned so much about how the process goes and have even met some knowledgeable vendors who has been in the game for a while. The most I gathered from it thus far, is that it can become a pretty nice passive income, however, you get what you put in. It takes effort to set up a booth, find pieces, and manage inventory but overall it can be pretty fun.

The Power of Staging

To understand the power of design, I found myself checking out other vendors and their method of designing. The result? I can honestly say that you have some that really took their staging seriously, while others appeared to just throw some stuff together (to each his own). Since I plan on moving into my own location, my goal was to practice on designs by staging my booth like a store display. I wanted it to look comfortable and inviting. With this in mind, the first tasks was to redesign the overall look of my booths.

Booth Design

I started by sketching an idea of what I would like for my booth to look like. Since the booth has peg board walls, I wanted to solidify that and make holes as needed to give it the appearance of a solid wall. To give the area a more intimate feel, and to give me the opprotinuty to hang items, the goal is to create a type of overhang. Finally the decor and furniture will vary based on the season.

Executing the Design

By now I have aquired two locations and have decided to apply my design idea to the bigger booth first.

My booth was a blank canvas at first (those are not my items btw). To get the ball rolling, I went ahead and started with the wall.

To cover the boards, I decided to use painters paper. This was good option because it was wide enough to cover a nice amount of wall space plus it was thick enough to paint over. It was pretty simple to install as well. I now that I would need the peg board from time to time but I will make holes as I see fit.

Second, I decided to work on the pergola. This task was not hard but it definitely took some extra hands and accurate measurements to accomplish. I wanted to make sure that the legs were not in the way of customers when they visited my booth but yet it was strong enough to hold the over hang. I used a combination of Kreg Jigs and L brackets to hold it up. In result it turned out well and pretty strong.

After those two additions I must say that my booth already looks good. What do you think?

Still have more to accomplish!Stay tuned to see the final results!

Creatively Yours,

Mea 😊

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