Getting Her Done – Prt 2 The Finish!

Hey there, Mea here!

Since my recent blog “Getting Her Done – Part 1” we have made serious progress on the booth.

Making Modifications

The goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere for potential customers when they come to my booth. At first I wanted to add lighting to the top part of the booth like in my vision, however, when it was time to hang them up, we discovered that there was no power near by (Wah wahhh). Such a disappointment… but we didn’t let it deter us, we made it work anyway!

Whenever I am stuck in a design rut, its time to pull in the reinforcements… my mom 😊. I love working with her because she has a way of helping me to get my creative juices flowing. As we worked on the overhang, we decided to take some fabric I had laying around at home and use it as a drape over the space. When I tell you that this was magic! Making that change immediately set a comfortable presence that I was aiming for.

Time to Design

Now it was time to layout the design. One thing I love about this design is that the neutral colors of the background and overhead were strategically selected to allow a variety of colors to stand out without being overwhelming. Over the next few days, I worked on painting, tagging, and staging new pieces. It took some time, but I must say the results were beautiful. The booth now looks comfy and cozy, plus I made a nice amount of sales since I officially opened the booth. I love seeing a vision come to pass. Now that this is done, the next step… is working on the website!

What do you think of my results? Let me know in the comments below!

Ttyl, Mea

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