Who Said Sitting Can’t Be Fun?

Hey there, Mea here!

20180114_203141851022711729430009.jpgI love Love LOVE turning old furniture into new unique pieces. It is something about the process of transformation that excites me. The mixture of being creative and analytical is what makes it fun because it provides a challenge for me on each piece. When it comes to the design, I literally freestyle. I turn on some music and design based on the vibe of the music and how I feel at the moment. So as you can imagine, when it came to this project… I was feelin kinda funky :-).

While going thrifting one day, I came across four kitchen chairs. As you can see, they were pretty worn down cosmetically, but what I saw was potential. They had a good structure. Usually if I find a piece of furniture that has a few cosmetic issues but yet it is still solid, I usually would go for it. They were being sold individually, but I ended up buying them all (partially because I have a thing for even numbers, hence the name of my furniture store Chairz-N-Pairz).  So anyway, I get home 20171021_1743521191194795522698950.jpgand they sit for a few days, not because I changed my mind or going through buyer’s remorse but because I only work on a piece of furniture when I am inspired to do so (a true artist, huh?).

The Time As Come….

It hit me…. BAM! What I wanted to do finally arrived. I determined that I was ready to do something majestic, awesome, magnificent, superkalafragalisticexpialodocious! (I don’t know if I even spelled that right but you get the point.) I decided to… to…TO… make a matching pair of chairs and and chair bench. Wait, wait! Before you throw your computer monitor, hear me out! I was caught between making something typical and unique so since I couldn’t choose, I decided to do both eventually. The initial plan, I was going to paint both chairs, add 20180125_184919-19211822480339830370.jpgthicker foam to the seat, and upgrade the fabric and be done. Well as I mentioned before, I am an artist who designs based on feeling, so as I was half way done, I suddenly decided to change my mind.

With the first two chairs, I decided to give them a funky look while keeping the original design. I choose to repaint all of the frames a chalky apple green color to give it a more vintage yet colorful look. To kind of break up the green, I decided to distress it along the edges of the frame. Since the seat was really uncomfortable and the previous fabric was dull compared to the new color, I went ahead and upgraded the foam and threw on some really funky paisley fabric to give the seat a new look.  The results were amazing and I am glad to say that as soon as I advertised them on my website they were gone. After, I finished that set it was time to complete the next design, only this time I wanted it to be more functional art than just revamped chairs. After 20180115_1622104555873801205039519.jpglooking at some ideas on Pinterest I decided to go with a chair bench style. Looking at the design of other artist, the concept was pretty simple. I didn’t want to really cut the chairs up so I went with adding wood to the current frame. I measured how far I wanted the chairs to go, then I took some 1×2 pieces of wood and connected them to the frame and painted them apple green. This was cute, however, I wanted I felt it was missing something… I wanted it to be more comfortable.

Since I had some 2 to 3 inch foam left from a recent project, I went ahead and put that on 20180115_162948188139320154109582.jpgthe chair. It really improved the comfort of the piece, so all I had to do was add the fabric then move on. Ok, side story, while I was working on this piece to put in my store, I sent a picture to my mom to get her opinion because she is my design consultant (and she is a good cook too :-)). Whole thing in a nutshell, it from her offering recommendations to her buying it. 🙂 After we looked at all of the options, we came across two black and white Moroccan style patterns, it was a touch choice but we ended up going with a smaller print because it seem to create a nice balance between the color and the print pattern. It turned out to be a pretty awesome piece. After it was complete, I added some furniture wax and delivered it to Momma (she is such a fan)!


Anywho… have you flipped a piece of furniture into a funky conversation piece? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk to you soon,



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