Hugelkultur Garden Bed

Hey there! Mea here!

I have been going through the process of converting my backyard into a small farm. As mentioned in one of my previous post The Journey to Financial Independence one of my goals is to start a garden to cut down on food costs. I have been making progress especially during this rainy month. One of the projects that I decided to take on is establishing my garden beds from re-purposed materials. Once I completed the bed, we decided to do something a little different on the inside. Instead of just putting compost and topsoil in the bed, we wanted to try out a Hugelkulter mound. A Hugelkulter mound is normally a no dig raised garden bed made from branches, plants, grasses, dirt, etc. Its good for for holding moisture and plant growth.

We took the same concept, but instead of putting it above the ground, we took time to dig a hole in the ground and then set up the mound. Its somewhat of a cleaner look, but I still plan on doing the no dig method at a later time as well.

So building this mound wasn’t difficult, however, it was a process. First we had to dig a hole about a foot into the ground. Then we started by taking some rotten branches and laying them in the hole. We chose to go with rotted wood because it already was breaking down plus it has some insects attracted to it like worms. In addition, as the branch breaks down, it creates nutrients for the soil as well. Next we took some dead leaves and layered them on top and added some water for moisture. After everything was nice and soaked, we finally took the original dirt and placed it back on top and tada!! You have your mound! We did this for three more beds, now all we have to do is put on the top soil and put in my seeds!

I am pretty excited about the process and even more intrigued on how well my garden is going to do this year! Stay tuned for the results!

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