Welcome to the Cranberry Vintage!

Hey there, Mea here!

Welcome to Cranberry Vintage! This is a DIY and Lifestyle blog created to inspire and share my journey of turning my home into an oasis and urban homestead! It’s funny, because since the time I started this blog, I was having trouble with determining what I really wanted to talk about. I love to learn and try new things to the point that I found myself doing so many things but I couldn’t find something that I really enjoy to do on a day to day basis… until now. In 2016, after getting my new job, I was able to move into my first home. Believe it or not, I was ecstatic, but I had no clue on what I could do to it. Matter of fact, I was so deep into work that I really wasn’t worried about it. It wasn’t until, I found myself at home recovering from some serious injuries or surgeries that I started to really consider designing my home.

2017 was when my interesting series of events began and it was actually the year that I discovered my passion. During that time, I had to undergo oral surgery which kept me down for 4 days to a week. Then my children and I got into a pretty bad accident with a Hit and Run driver who was on Heroine and going 50 miles an hour. My children recovered well, however since it was towards the front on my side, I was affected had to go to therapy for the next two to three months. After finally finishing therapy, I found myself a couple of weeks to a month later going to the hospital for a stomach ache only to end up having Acute Appendicitis, going into emergency surgery, and being out for another one to 2 months. Now I bet you are wondering… how did I find my purpose in all of that? Well… its elementary my dear Watson.

I found my purpose when I found myself looking at my four walls for long periods of time. Sitting at home for hours on end because I couldn’t really work or really move for that matter. Life kinda sucked at that time, until one day, I was just tired of sitting in the bed any longer. Still recovering from my last surgery but tired of staying dormant, I decided to get up and walk around my house. As I toured my house, I noticed that it was very plain since I moved in towards the end of 2016, I have not done anything to my home. My walls were bare and my floors barely had any rugs on them. Over all, my home was pretty lame and I didn’t realize it until now. I remember thinking to myself, “Man when I am able to walk and drive I am going to do something with this place.” and sure enough when I was able to move around, that is exactly what I did.

To get myself out of the house once I was permitted to drive, I started to go shopping at thrift stores for unique pieces and quality furniture. What started as I was just preventing myself from being bored, eventually became something I started to really enjoy to the point that I was going somewhere different every other day to get exercise. Overtime, I bought pieces home to repaint and decorate, but since I really didn’t know my design style that I wanted for my home, I just bought items, revamped them, and resold them. This went on for a while and it wasn’t until a year or two later when I really decided to focus on my home.

Now here we are in 2019, it took a few years but I have learned my design style and my passion has grown. Now I am in the process of implementing my personality into my first home. The intention of this blog and my current YouTube channel is to share my progress on redesigning my business, my home, and to participate in urban homesteading. My design style is vintage eclectic with a twist of culture and as time goes on you will see me doing a lot of DIY, design, gardening, and crafting projects. You will also hear me provide tips on keeping good vibes only in your home environment. The goal is to make a peaceful, cozy, lived in home but implementing my design style and re-purposing items from time to time. I am so ecstatic! By the way… your welcome to join, please subscribe and join the ride!

Talk to You Later,


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