Wanting a Simpler Life – Minimalism


Hey there, Mea here!

SO LETS TALK ABOUT IT! While in the process of making over my home. I am going to move forward and implement a minimalist lifestyle for my family and I. This decision was made because I had an epiphany the other day… I really don’t like clutter… at… all.

With balancing work, a new business, family, dogs, and what ever else comes with being a mom, I found myself getting stressed out and overwhelmed at times when I came home. Now I know… I know… I can hear you all right now saying “You are doing too much that is the problem!” but I beg to differ. To be honest, I have been carrying on these tasks for years actually but it wasn’t until the last few months to a year that it actually started getting to me. I have already been to the doctor and I am in good health, this includes a normal blood pressure and all.

Intrigued on finding out if this truly was my imagination, I started to look deeper at what areas in my life could be causing me to be stressed out. One day as I walked into my home, stepping over stuff and getting everyone in line, it hit me… my home is the problem! Now I have a pretty peaceful home but as I stood there, I looked at around I noticed that there was some things that just didn’t like… now wait a minute, just to clarify, my house is not dirty and I am definitely not a hoarder but there are unnecessary things that I wanted to eliminate, such as stuff in corners, a serious amount of clothes in my daughters room, junk on my front room, etc. It is just too much! To even take it deeper, I realized that seeing all these things in my home also plays a part in my work and school. “I need to find a solution.” I said to myself, so I did a self evaluation and even looked to the internet.

I am a person who loves systems and a clear space, matter of fact I am a person who needs it to function everyday. If I don’t have a system of doing things, then it drives me bonkers. Now what’s also funny about this… is that I have allowed myself to function without them for the past few months which led to the current condition of my house and now I am tired of it. I want to bring things back to simpler times and one way that I plan on doing that is simplifying my life and practicing boho minimalism design. I chose this design style because it allows me to still have color while also eliminating clutter and maintaining a balance between my needs and wants. I know that it is going to take some time but I am willing to work on it piece by piece to get things back in place within my home.

Considering that I am new to this minimalism stuff, I wanted to make sure that I take simple steps to change so that I can maintain consistency. After reviewing quite a few articles on this topic, I have come to the basic step by step:

  1. Declutter Your Space – Get rid of duplicates, unwanted items, and unused items (Focus on one thing at a time).
  2. Organize What is Left Over. – Create systems and a place for things.
  3. Determine what is a want versus what is a need.
  4. Save $1000
  5. Set Limits.
  6. Evaluate your goals.

The first task that I want to accomplish is getting rid of the access clothes. We as a family currently have too many clothes, especially my daughter. What I am doing is going through the process of getting rid of access and living by the rule of 10. That is 10 pairs of pants, shirts, dresses, etc. per person. Now I will adapt as I see fit but I want to see if I can reach that goal. Whatever is left is going to be donated.

I have to admit that I am a mixture of excitement and fear but I think I am going to do well. Well, enough typing and let me get started! 🙂

Talk To You Soon,


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