Chairz-N-Pairz, Create, Design, DIY, & Grow

Chairz-N-Pairz is a design and DIY blog that was created to help you make your home a reflection of you. By using my home as an example, I am going to share various lessons learned, tips, tricks, and tutorials in the areas of home improvement, furniture making, woodworking projects, and more.

The goal is to make my home a peaceful oasis while working within a budget. 

With a few tools and materials in hand, you can learn to make anything from a small coffee table to redesigning your kitchen! As your resource, we will provide project plans, tips, tutorials, and other beneficial information through our blog and our YouTube channel.

Check us out and subscribe to go along for the ride!

Check out some of the things we have in store:

  • Create – Home decor | Bedding | Table Linen & Accessories |Kitchen Accessories | Candles | Window Treatments | Slip covers, and much more
  • Design – Understanding various design styles | Space planning | Staging and Decorating Spaces | Furniture concepts |Buying & selling guides and other tips and tricks
  • DIY Tutorials – Home improvement | Upholstery | Furniture Refinishing | Woodworking Carpentry projects, and more
  • Grow – Understanding houseplants | Indoor gardening tips

No matter what project you choose, the goal is to have fun, create something new, and learn along the way. So if you are ready to create, then get ready and get your tools! From furniture to custom decor projects, we are going to help you make your home a reflection of you.

Happy Learning,


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