5 Ways to Design Your Workplace and Increase Productivity

A well-designed work space can lead to a more productive environment. The key is to decorate your space with things that make you happy. No matter where I work, I have learned to make that space comfortable and cozy for me. At work, we underwent a renovation in our work area, and I decided to take time out to redesign my office space. Since I know that I spend most of my time at work, I wanted to make sure that my area was comfortable and cozy. Revamping my space made my room more comfortable, but it also showed me the benefit of designing your office to reflect your taste. Now it may sound hard to believe, but the layout of your work environment can sometimes enhance or hinder the performance of your day. It can contribute to your productivity, create positive energy, increases creativity, and reduces stress. In this post, I am going to share a few simple ways that you can design your space to increase your productivity, performance, and happiness.

Reuse Before You Buy

Before you go out to the store and by anything, use what you have at home first! The LA Times once reported that the average home has over 300,000 items in it. That is a lot of stuff! What is crazier is that we probably only use at the most 15% of those items. Unless you are a minimalist, I am pretty sure that you have a few things that you can use. Adding items from home can give your workspace a more personal feel, and it declutters your home. For example, the majority of the things that I used to design my office was from home or worst-case scenario, from the thrift store or someone’s clearance section.To give you a few ideas, I listed five things that you can add to your workplace to provide it with a comfy cozy feel:


Plants… oh how I love thee!

Adding plants to your office space is one of the easiest ways to decorate your office. They brighten up your space, provide clean air, and deter certain illnesses. When you choose a plant, make sure that you select one that is easy to maintain, such as Pathos or Aloe Vera. Also, choose ones that will go well with the lighting in your space. If you go to a nursey, ask the staff member or go to a big box store like Home Depot and look at the tags posted on the side of the plants.


Pop Art… my fave!

Art is a beautiful contribution because it is usually a reflection of your personality, and it surprisingly connected to your productivity. Deutsche, a German investment bank, added over 60,000 pieces of art to 900 companies in 40 countries. The goal was to create a feeling of success and boost the confidence of its staff. Adding art to your work space can establish a comfortable environment for you and your customers and even give off an excellent first impression. Find pieces that grab your eye or even better, make some of your own. There is nothing better than a piece made by your hands.


Knowledge is power!

Having plenty of books in your office encourages productivity and lifelong learning. Some people place books in their office just to add to the aesthetic design, but I always encourage that you add them to reflect what you like. You can use them as reference materials, and you can implement them in your daily routine. Books can also add color and ignite conversations with like-minded readers. Books also encourage productivity because they can provide you with insight and a fresh perspective on specific topics.


Adding a little flavor to some lamps I had at home.

Lighting is everything when it comes to space. Poor lighting can affect your eyes, mood, and productivity. You can variate between accent, ambient, desk, and natural light to establish various moods in your work space. Accent lighting is ideal if you are attempting to draw attention to a specific object or feature. Ambient lighting can reduce eye strain. Desk lighting can bring focus to a project such as reading a memo. Natural light is excellent for plants, and it cuts down on utility bills. So go ahead and add a light or two, just make sure that it’s not so comfortable that it makes you go to sleep because it can happen. 🙂

Take Away

You spend a lot of time in your workspace, so make sure that you design it to reflect you and your personality. It doesn’t mean that you must purchase anything brand new, utilize what you have at home. The goal is to decorate items that have a purpose, variety and is fun or motivating.

Well, there you go! A quick list of 5 simple ways to add culture to your workspace and increase productivity!

Have you applied any of these tips to your workspace? Have any recommendations? Please let us know in the comments below!

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