Turning My House into a Home

Hello, My name is Mea, and I love to create, design, DIY, and grow. As a true Bohemian at heart, I enjoy working with plants, spending time with my family (including pets), designing with color, culture, and vintage furniture, using my hands to cook, sew, and build, and finding ways to connect with my higher self. Doing this not only enables me to provide for my family, but it also allows me to appreciate each day and encourages me to live life and be present within myself and my home.

My Inspiration

Home, a place that I am learning to love and appreciate. When I moved into my house four years ago, I never really put much thought into the comfort of my home. I was too busy trying to work, pay bills, survive, and provide for my family. Typically doing this is not a bad thing, except, I allowed it to get to a point where I was turning into a nervous wreck, and my home became my hiding place. As this vicious cycle kept occurring, my house started to look a mess, and I wasn’t spending as much time with my family. My life was spiraling out of control, and it wasn’t until God allowed certain situations to happen in my life that would change my outlook on life forever.

A couple of years ago, a life-changing situation occurred. While driving my children to the barber/beauty shop one summer day, we were in a severe car accident. An oncoming car t-boned us. The gentleman was going at least 50 miles an hour, ran the red light, and was not even looking our way. He struck us so hard that he made my car jump the curb and land onto the parking lot of a nearby business. 

All I remember is coming to and realizing what happened. As I groaned and opened my eyes, the first thing that came to my mind was my children. As I turned around frantically and praying, they were okay, a little bruised and scared but okay. As for the driver, he looked at us as he struggled to put the car in reverse and managed to drive off. Later on, the officer assigned to the case told us that we were fortunate because if I was driving a couple of miles faster, we could have died. They never caught the driver because he abandoned the car and ran, but they knew that he was high in the process, because they found drug needles all over the vehicle. We also found out that he was driving a stolen car. The situation was very traumatizing; however, I can thankfully say that we all walked away alive. Over time, my children went back to their day to day, as for myself, not so much. The impact of the accident caused some damage to my back, and it was possibly the cause of some future surgeries. Over the next few months, I found myself in and out of therapy, doctor’s offices, and finally sitting at home until I felt better.

Not being able to drive or move, I found myself confined to my home over the next few weeks. As I sat there looking at my four walls, I realized that my house sucked. Everything was everywhere. Even though I lived in this house, it was no rhyme or reason to why things were the way where. Nothing showed that this is a place was my home. It was at that moment that I decided that it was time for a change. I told myself that once I was able to walk around comfortably, I was going to start turning my house into a home, and that is what I did.

The Creation of CNP

Since then, I have been on a mission to make my home a reflection of me. Through meditation, self-reflection, family input, learning more about my culture, and Bohemian design, I have been slowly redesigning my home inside and out to reflect the things I enjoy and bring a balance of peace and tranquility. That leads to leads to my next point, why I created this blog.

I created Chairz-N-Pairz to share my journey as I redesign my home to reflect a more comfy and cultural design style, and build a urban homestead to feed my family. We are going to have fun and get to know who we are by simply making our home more productive. I am going to share various lessons learned, tips, tricks, and tutorials in the areas of home improvement, furniture making, woodworking projects, and more. With a few tools and materials in hand, you can learn about gardening. houseplants, designing patterns, make a small coffee table, or redesigning your kitchen! As your resource, we will provide project plans, tips, tutorials, and other beneficial information through our blog and our YouTube channel.

Check us out and subscribe to go along for the ride!

Happy Designing,


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