Self Sufficiency, Sustainability, & Simple Living | Boho Living

Hello, my name is Mea, and welcome to my channel, and if you are on my blog, welcome to my blog! So I love the DIY, design, and grow. I created a blog/YouTube channel to share the things I love to do. So when you come to my channel, you are going to get a front-row seat into what I do what I love, my life, my passion, and also the occasional train tracks to hear in the background. Some referred to me as a Jane of all trades; however, I just look at myself as a tenacious sponge. I like what I like, and I really get into what I like. Really :-).

The focus point of this channel is to revamp my home and create a homestead. I moved into this house about three years ago, and I am going to walk you through some of the projects and changes that I take on during this time. The goal is to make my home more so a reflection of me because I love vintage furniture, eclectic designs, culture, and growing. In other words, it is going to be freaking awesome.

Also, I’m going to do some urban homesteading because I love fruit, vegetables, and I also love the fact that if I am hungry, I can go right to my back yard instead of the store for certain things.

Anyway, this is my thing. I hope you join, and I hope, and I inspire. Let’s do this :-).

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