Repurposed China Cabinet Project #2 – Indoor Green House

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Ok, so its time to complete part two of my china cabinet up-cycle! During my previous post: I showed you how I turned the bottom of my china cabinet into a buffet table for my front room. Now I am going to show you how I turned the top part into an in house green house.


  • Hammer
  • Screw Driver
  • Old Floor Boards
  • Screws
  • Paint
  • Polyurethane
  • Safety Equipment
  • Plant Friendly Light Bulb


  • Please make sure that you wear the needed safety equipment while you work.


Repairing the Frame

Since I removed the glass from the piece already, I had to modify the top part of the frame next. Since the top had an arch, I trimmed it off to make sure the wood would lay flat. Afterward, I added some spare wood flooring to the top.

To add some contrast, I painted the exterior cranberry red.


Turning the Backboard into Art

To add a little flare to the piece, I painted an abstract design on the back board and called it Freedom.

Don’t mind my dog Fred, he likes to play in the water and was waiting on it to come back on while I was painting.

Once I completed painting the piece, and allowing it to dry, I added a new plant friendly light bulb and put the greenhouse back together.


Once I added my plants, the greenhouse became harder to move so I decided to add some wheels to the bottom to make it easier and more functional. Below is how to finished cabinet looked after I attached the wheels.


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