Houseplants: 8 Reasons to Have Them in Your Home

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Houseplants can be a very valuable asset to add to your home. In this post, I will give you eight reasons to have houseplants in your home.

Since I have been working on revamping my home and discovering my design, my love for houseplants has grown. Ever since I bought my first plant, I found myself hooked. It is to the point where I find myself not just plant shopping every month, but I am now also participating in plant lovers and buy/ sell/ trade groups on social media. I can honestly say that my new Plant parenting hobby has become a lifestyle, and I am in the process of turning my home into an urban jungle.

When people find out that I am a lover and collector of houseplants, I usually get fear and doubt regarding their reasons for not having plants. You would be surprised with how many people say that they don’t deal with house plans because they kill them, don’t have the right lighting, or rather have fake plants instead because they are easier to take care of (no maintenance, of course). With that said, I wanted to share a few positive reasons to have plants.

#1 – You Can Start Small

When you decide to start buying houseplants, remember that it is a hobby that doesn’t require you to have a large budget or expects you to buy the largest plant. When you are getting your plant, you can start small from cuttings; it just depends on your comfort. One of the first plants that I bought was an aloe vera. It was a simple plant that I purchased from Home Depot for about five dollars. After having it for a few weeks and learning about its needs, I decided to buy another small plant.

Starting small helps you get to know your plant and to build a relationship with it. The same thing applies to plant cuttings; when I got my first cutting, it was from a friend. They gave me a piece of their Pothos and taught me how to take care of it. Since then, my plant grew, and I either shared or added it with other Pothos vines to make it a larger plant.

#2 – It Is a Peaceful Activity

You will be amazed at how peaceful it is to own houseplants. Just having them in your presence calms you and makes you want more. Sometimes, I find myself looking at them in awe and talking to them when I am in the area.

#3 – Houseplants Can Purify the Air and Can Increase Humidity

Having the right type and amount of plants in your home can increase the humidity. Increasing the moisture in your home can benefit you by reducing the chances of allergies, colds, dry throat, etc. There are even some houseplants that are considered clean air plants, such as;

  • Snake Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • English Ivy
  • Aloe Vera
  • Dragon Tree Dracaena
  • Chinese Evergreen

#4 – Some Houseplants Plants are Pet and Children Friendly

No matter if you are a parent or pet lover, a big concern about having plants is that you don’t want to buy something beautiful yet dangerous to your loved ones. Many of the plants you may encounter may be toxic if indigested or if the sap touches your skin. However, there are also quite a few houseplants that are nontoxic as well such as;

  • Spider Plant
  • Boston Fern
  • African Violet
  • Hen and Chicks
  • Rubber Plant
  • Prayer Plant
Various Houseplants

#6 – Most Plants are Easy to Take Care of

Plants, in some cases, are like children; they need to be tended to and loved. It is easy to grab the biggest and most beautiful plant in the bunch, but if you are new to being a houseplant parent, it is probably best to start with some easy growers such as those listed below. In most cases, all the easy growers will need is proper lighting, water, and light. Over time, you will have to consider additional needs like soil, pest control, and humidity.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Lavender
  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Spider Plant
  • Golden Pothos

#7 – They Can Bring Good Energy to Space

You will be amazed at how much plants can bring life to space. Outside of absorbing carbon dioxide and any other toxins from your environment, plants can emit positive energy and provide mental stimulation with various colors, designs, and textures. Some plants are recommended for use through Feng Shui practices as well. For instance, when you are looking to bring good energy to your space, try applying a Money Tree, Snake Plant or a Peace Lily for good vibes.

#8 – Houseplants Can Increase Your Concentration and Creativity

Being in the presence of plants can increase your concentration and creativity. Studies have shown that the calming nature of plants improves your productivity and reduces mental fatigue. Based on an article produced by Virginia Lohr at WSU called “What Are the Benefits of Plants Indoors and Why Do We Respond Positively to Them” there was a study performed to track college students’ productivity when asked to perform various tasks while around plants or nature. In conclusion, the results had shown that students were less tired and more productive when plants were around.

As you can see, those are the seven reasons to have houseplants in your home. I hope this inspired you to give a plant a try. Don’t forget to start small, take your time, and understand that it is okay to fail, as long as you learn from it. Thank you for reading, and if you have not already, please go ahead and hit that subscribe button or signup below to keep up with our progress. Also, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel as well. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know in the area below.

With that said, you have an awesome day and stay supertastic!


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