Cranberry Vintage Trailer 2021

Cranberry Vintage Trailer 2021

Hey, what’s up? My name is Mea, and I love to DIY, design, and grow! I created Cranberry Vintage to share my progress as I redesign our ranch style home into an Afrobolistic Oasis and a homestead. On the inside, I will use my house to show you how to design on a budget by using Afrobolistic Design.

This style focuses on creating a comfortable and unique space by designing with color, culture, hands-on creativity, and a little thrifting. I will share my progress as I work with houseplants, complete DIY and home improvement projects, and create unique furnishing and decor by hand making, repurposing, or reusing what we can find thrifting or already have.

On the homestead, we will apply sustainable methods to grow and preserve food, hand make our own goods, take care of livestock, and so much more!

So with that being said, come on over and check out our progress as we have fun and live a more sustainable, self-sufficient, and simpler lifestyle!SHOW LESS

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