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Cranberry Vintage Trailer 2021

I created Cranberry Vintage to share my progress as I redesign our ranch style home into an Afrobolistic Oasis and a homestead. On the inside, I will use my house to show you how to design on a budget by using Afrobolistic Design. Continue reading Cranberry Vintage Trailer 2021

My Design Plan: “Afrobolistic” Design

Hey there, Mea here! The time has come! Today begins the journey of redesigning my home with you! So I have to admit that I am a bit excited, but at the same time a bit nervous. Redesigning will help me make my home a reflection of me and challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone, push limits, and test new ideas. This … Continue reading My Design Plan: “Afrobolistic” Design

Project Oasis – The “Before” House Tour

This post will give you an introduction to my home, a tour of what it looked like before, and share my remodeling plans. Welcome to Project Oasis! Hey there, Mea here, and welcome to our humble abode! As mentioned in my last post, “Welcome to Cranberry Vintage,” I am a woman who loves to create, design, DIY, and grow. As a mother of two teenagers … Continue reading Project Oasis – The “Before” House Tour