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Cranberry Vintage is a sustainable lifestyle blog and resource for those interested in building food security and sustainability while residing in zone 6 urban communities, especially economically distressed areas and food deserts.

Our mission is to provide families in urban areas with the resources they need to live a healthier lifestyle, create independence, sustainability, and food security.

On this site, we will teach you how to garden or farm in small urban spaces. Using our 1/4th acre lot, we will cover various practices and methods that you can use to grow your food, become more self-reliant, and create a more productive home.

Some Topics Covered:

  • Cooking
  • Food Preservation
  • Homesteading
  • Gardening for Health
  • Permaculture
  • Problems
  • Simple Living

Our goal is to build a community of like-minded individuals and help others live a more sustainable, self-sufficient, and simpler lifestyle.

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Latest from the Blog

Recycled Garden – Homestead 2020 Tour

When you are deciding on what materials you should use in your garden, consider using recycled materials. Using reclaimed materials instead of brand new ones can benefit in many ways. Reusing items can save money and can help with reducing the negative impact on the environment. For instance, when purchasing new materials, you can run … Continue reading Recycled Garden – Homestead 2020 Tour

Urban Homestead Tour 2019

When looking for options to create a food source for your family while respecting the environment, a urban homestead is an excellent solution to an available space in your backyard. Hey there, my name is Mea, and I am an Urban Resident whose goal is to turn my home into an Urban Homestead. Residing in … Continue reading Urban Homestead Tour 2019

Simple Living: Urban Homesteading For A Better Life

“Simple living for a better life.” When I initially heard the phrase, it didn’t catch my attention. I thought it defined people limiting themselves from the joys in life just to save money. Over time, as I learned more about it, I realized that my original thought was far from the truth.  I learned that … Continue reading Simple Living: Urban Homesteading For A Better Life

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