Cranberry Vintage – Early Spring Cleaning

Cranberry Vintage Early Spring Cleaning 2021

Good morning my Loves! Today we are going to discuss some changes to Cranberry Vintage. After a short winter break, I took some time to sit down and evaluate how I can make my blog better for my readers. After getting input from my viewers and reviewing data, I have decided to make some changes that will make Cranberry Vintage more entertaining and clear for my subscribers. In this post, I am going to share what I learned and the changes that will be made.

Spring Cleaning Step #1 – Identifying the Issues

Issue #1 – The Clashing of the Topics

Currently, my site speaks on two topics; interior design and homesteading. The interior design aspect was created to share my progress as I revamp in inside of my home into a cultural oasis. The homestead aspect was created to share our progress as we transition into an more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle.

First of all, trying to put two totally different subjects under one roof does not work. You will find yourself clashing topics and not being able to fully find a flow. In my case, I attempted to talk about homesteading and interior design, and I quickly learned that it would not work. Having them under one space can create confusion and inconsistency. Both subjects contain much content in their own right. In result, they need their own space to expand. Having a clear difference between the two can prevent half-done projects and confusion. Honestly, I don’t prefer working like that if possible.

Issue #2 Lack of Clarity

Second, I struggled with clarity and consistent alignment with my goals. I realized that the goals for both subjects were totally different. As a consequence, you have issues maintaining your brand and addressing your audience’s needs.

Issue #3 Cranberry Vintage was Living Like a Hobo (socially speaking)

Third, we lacked a social media presence. Having a social media presence is vital. Not having a social media outlet or linking it to your personal information can create confusion for your followers and prevent the opportunity to reach your audience. If they do find you, they really can’t grasp what do you specialize in doing.

After contemplating some ideas, I’ve decided that these are the changes that I will implement.

Spring Cleaning Step #2 – Making Positive Changes to Cranberry Vintage

I will implement three changes: the separation of subjects, cleaning and reorganizing the channel, and getting Cranberry Vintage on social media.

Change # 1 – Simplifying Subjects under Cranberry Vintage

Each subject respectfully requires its own lane. Homesteading is a monster within itself and I realized it needs its own space. Considering that was the initial purpose of Cranberry Vintage, this is where it will stay. Chairz-N-Pairz will be the new home for my interior design and decorating ventures. This will allow me to focus on each topic’s brand, values, goals, and resources separately and respectfully.

Change #2 – Cleaning and Re-Organizing

The second change that I will implement is cleaning and reorganizing the channel. If you have not noticed already, I have already started doing some cleaning and re-organizing per se. The goal is to allow this channel to be more focused on my homesteading journey. Re-organizing will consist of renaming categories, updating info, media, posts, and updating links.

Change #3 – Giving Cranberry Vintage a Social Media Home

The third change that I will implement is giving Cranberry Vintage its own home on social media. This includes creating business pages, profiles, other media sites, and direct resources for Cranberry Vintage. This will create clarity and create more defined places for those who want to support Cranberry Vintage.

In closing, making these changes will keep me more organized and provide more clarity in an easier reading or view for my followers. With that being said, lets this year’s homesteading started!

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Thank you for tuning in! Have an awesome day and stay Supertastic!

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