Homestead Tool List

Finding the right tools for the job will help make your life easier as you are developing your urban homestead. For your convenience, I have created a list of commonly used homestead tools that I also use for my projects. Please note that the list will grow as I take on new projects and I added links to some places where these items can be purchased.

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My family and I using various tools to build our first garden bed.

Garden Tool List

The following is a list of general garden tools will help you along your gardening journey. If you interested in seeing the price of each item please click on either the red text or image below.

Round Point Shovel (Long)

Round Point Shovel (Short)

Garden Spade & Trowel Kit

Leaf Rake

Garden Shears

Garden Seat

Garden Rake

Mulch/ Bedding Fork

Spading Fork

Garden Hoe (General)

Wheelbarrow Tray


Hand Pruner


Hedge Shears

Pruning Saw

Garden Gloves

Water Hose


Please note that the list is subject to grow and links will be added for your convenience.