Recycled Garden – Homestead 2020 Tour

Old Tire Recycled into Garden Planter

When you are deciding on what materials you should use in your garden, consider using recycled materials. Using reclaimed materials instead of brand new ones can benefit in many ways. Reusing items can save money and can help with reducing the negative impact on the environment. For instance, when purchasing new materials, you can run the risk of going beyond your planned budget. In addition, you also add to the depletion of raw materials taken from the environment.

For our garden, we decided to reuse as many materials as possible. From old tires to worn pieces of wood and recycled wood chips we used a lot of what we had onsite or what we were given by others. In today’s post, I wanted to share an updated video of our homestead progress in 2020. If you can recall, last week, I posted a video of our backyard in 2019. At that time, there was a lot of grass and still a lot to do. Since then, we have made strides, and I wanted to show you what we have accomplished thus far.

This year we wanted to try our hand at vegetable gardening instead of expanding our pollinator garden. With that in mind, we focused on creating a space that accommodated both types. Below are some of the methods that we used.

From Grass to Recycled Wood Chips

To start, we focused on converting all of the grass that was not growing areas into wood chip paths. Using wood chips on the walk paths made it easier because we didn’t have to deal with as much mud and water when it rained. Since our budget was limited, we found some free resources to get the wood chips from, such as tree companies and mulch drop-off areas. It was a beast to transport, but it was worth it.

Garden Boxes from Reclaimed Materials

Second, we built more garden boxes. In the previous year, we had a combination of both garden boxes and wild areas. It was fun looking at first until everything started to get out of hand, or we couldn’t tell what plants versus weeds were. To create the boxes, we used a lot of recycled wood materials. In some cases, we lucked up on recycled cedarwood, but the ones made of pine we will have to replace in a few years.

Up-cycled Garden Pots

Third, we focused on using some of the pots left by the previous owner to create a container garden. There are some vegetables that I am not comfortable with putting in the ground as of yet. So in my attempt to take baby steps, I decided to use some old pots and pallets to start a container garden! In this area, I am going to grow potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, etc.

No Dig Fence Line from Recycled Wood

Finally, we built a no dig fence line to keep out the pups! All and all the progress thus far, please check out the video below and if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

To check out more videos of my progress, check out Cranberry Vintage on YouTube.

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