Simple Living: Urban Homesteading For A Better Life

“Simple living for a better life.” When I initially heard the phrase, it didn’t catch my attention. I thought it defined people limiting themselves from the joys in life just to save money. Over time, as I learned more about it, I realized that my original thought was far from the truth. 

I learned that simple living is more than just living at a minimum; it is a journey to freedom. Simple living is the process of living frugally and simplifying your lifestyle so that you can get the most out of life. When you decide to live a simple life, you not only save money, but you can also get out of debt, travel, appreciate life, and more. 

To share my journey to simple living, I figured I could share a story of how I got started and my plans for the future.

Simple Living for a Better Life

Gardening A Time for Reflection

Being in the garden makes you think and do a lot of self-reflecting. It made me think about my past and how I got started. What got me on the road to a simple lifestyle was just a crazy change of events in my life. So as you know, we’ve been staying in this house for about six years. However, we didn’t start urban homesteading or transitioning our home into an urban homestead until the last three years.

Starting with the Bare Minimum

Even though we’re doing this now, this was not on my list three years ago. Before, I think the only thing I had in my garden were some hostas, so it’s good. At that time in my life, I didn’t see a need for simple living. Life was changing quickly and positively. I just got a new management position, bought a car, became an off-and-on entrepreneur, and I just purchased a house that was well beneath my budget, thank goodness.

Living in the State of Euphoria

Life at that time was just a state of euphoria because I thought that I had enough money to live comfortably. I was a single mom who went from no to low income and government assistance to standing on my own two feet within days. Now, I’m not blaming my transition on my future situation. Believe it or not, it was entirely my choice. 

Now, to the outside looking in, you would have thought I would be comfortable in their lives because I received assistance. On the contrary, I always looked at it as a stepping stone to the next phase.

Transitioning Out Of A Poverty Mindset

Even though it had its perks, I always found myself in a state of feeling boxed in. I was not too fond of the fact that someone else was in control of my family’s life and wellbeing. I was ready for a change, and for me, it couldn’t come soon enough. 

However, even though I had great intentions physically, I didn’t consider the mental and emotional transition from the poverty mindset to the new lifestyle that I was about to experience. So, as I transitioned into this new lifestyle, I grossly underestimated the impact that it would have on my day today. It quickly became a victim of excessive consumerism and debt.

Learning to Either Sink or Swim

I have reached a point where the extra money I thought I had quickly became a sink or swim income. That’s how it felt. As I was working to keep my head above water, at the same time, I was also in a consistent state of panic. I worked a full-time job, hustling, addressing needs, going to school, and spending time. My family and I had a severe lack of organization. I’m not afraid to admit it. Eventually, the overload became so devastating that it affected my mind, body, and spirit. 

Eventually, I found myself in my doctor’s office, talking to him about heart concerns because things were getting that serious. After running many tests, the good news is, I was in a hundred percent health. I was doing good. The bad news is, I figured out that it wasn’t necessarily an illness, but more so stress and anxiety. It was at that point that I realized that something had to change. To get out of the hole that I put myself in, I started researching how to live a simpler life and get out of debt.

Roots and Refuge

As I was doing my research, I eventually came across a YouTube channel called Roots and Refuge. It was a blog about a big family living on a small farm called a homestead. So, at that time, hearing about a homestead and the possibility of having a reliable food source right in your backyard was a first for me. I quickly endowed that idea and watched her and other homesteaders like a marathon over the next few days. 

They were way more independent than I was at the time in my life. And they also were carefree and watching those videos helped me realize that that was the path that I wanted to take for my family and me. As I was planning to [inaudible 00:06:18] the journey, I came into conflict because most were on acreage lots, and I still stayed in the inner city area.

Discovering Urban Homesteading

So I wasn’t ready to give up what I have to move on an empty lot. That’s when I started learning about urban homesteading. It gives you the ability to become still self-sufficient and sustainable as possible, but you could remain in the inner city area where you live. I didn’t find much on urban homesteading initially, so instead, I learned from the homesteaders who stayed off-grid and applied some of those methods to my home over the next three years. During that time, my inspiration came from watching YouTube, but I also went on a sustainable garden tour in the area. 

After all that now, we have arrived at year four, and I feel better and stronger than ever. I learned that urban homesteading is hard work, but each year as I learn and perfect a new skill, I just feel empowered, and I feel free.

Getting Back on Track

It’s like the best decision I ever made. In regards to my debt, I’m getting back on track. I’m learning to save money and manage money better. I have changed my thoughts, mindset, and outlook on money. Now I feel better and unrestricted for both my family and me. So, that’s my story. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention about being an entrepreneur. I’m getting back on track with that as well, and since I’ve made this transition in my life, it has made me more patient and more focused. So, overall, taking this step is a great thing.

The Goal is to Be Debt Free

And hopefully, within a few years, if I’ve planned it correctly, I say I will be debt-free. So, you guys are on the journey with me as I reach that goal. With that said, guys and gals, we have finally reached the end of self-reflection. 

I hope that my story inspired someone else to seek out a simple lifestyle. As I go on my journey, I will share what I’ve learned and the changes that I’m making, and hopefully, it can help you with yours. 

If you have any questions for me or you want to share your journey, please let me know in the comments below. So with that said, please, have an awesome day and stay supertastic.

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