Simple Living: Urban Homesteading For A Better Life

“Simple living for a better life.” When I initially heard the phrase, it didn’t catch my attention. I thought it defined people limiting themselves from the joys in life just to save money. Over time, as I learned more about it, I realized that my original thought was far from the truth.  I learned that simple living is more than just living at a minimum; … Continue reading Simple Living: Urban Homesteading For A Better Life

Freezing Green Peppers & Onions

Green peppers and onions, the veggies of champions. A joyous occasion when I am making meals like meatloaf, and a compliment to mushrooms and spinach when you add a kiss of garlic powder.  In our house, it is a staple, at least to me. And since I had so many, I didn’t want them to waste. Now, there are many ways to preserve this dynamic … Continue reading Freezing Green Peppers & Onions

Homesteading Q&A Cover Photo

Urban Homesteading – How I Got Started

Hey, what’s up and welcome! In today’s post, I am going to share how I got started with urban homesteading and some of my inspirations. Since today was such as beautiful day, I decided that I would do a Q&A and share a few things about myself with my viewers so that you can get to know me a bit better.  The following questions have … Continue reading Urban Homesteading – How I Got Started