Urban Homestead Tour 2019

2019 Urban Homestead Tour

When looking for options to create a food source for your family while respecting the environment, a urban homestead is an excellent solution to an available space in your backyard.

Hey there, my name is Mea, and I am an Urban Resident whose goal is to turn my home into an Urban Homestead. Residing in St. Louis, MO, I decided to transition my 200 square foot back yard into a permaculture food forest and vegetable garden. This project aims to create a place of peace, create a food source for my family, and give back to nature.

Using Permaculture for our Garden

A permaculture food forest in a garden landscape or “Forest Gardening” combines edible plants with native plants beneficial to humans, native insects, animals, and soil. In most cases, the design is sustainable, low maintenance, and contains layers upon layers of vegetation.

When considering plants, one of the best methods to creating a thriving food forest is to use plants that are native to your zone. For example, we currently live in zone 6. So all of the plants we choose for our urban homestead will be compatible with that location.

Our Urban Homestead Goals for 2019

In order to accomplish this goal, we realized that this would require dedication over the next few years. We plan to spend the next 5 to 6 years converting this space into a Food Forest. 2019 was the first year that we started this plan. We decided to clear out space in the backyard and reuse it for something productive. We started with some essential vegetables, semi dwarf fruit trees, and native plants; however, we realized there was still a lot to learn and plan.

In this video, I am giving you a tour of our 2019 Urban Homestead and my plans for 2020! I was still relatively new to the method and was working to find my way during this time. I hope that you enjoy it and if you have any questions or input, please let me know in the comments below. Enjoy!

To check out more videos of my progress, check out Cranberry Vintage on YouTube.

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