Welcome to Cranberry Vintage

Cranberry Vintage is a Homestead blog that was created to share my family’s journey to creating an Urban Homestead and living a more sustainable and simple life.

I created this space to share my journey as I;

  • Live a more holistic lifestyle.
  • Transition my 300 square foot back yard into an Urban Homestead.
  • Make my home more productive.
  • Transition into a more self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle.

Even though this sounds simple enough for anyone to achieve, it wasn’t until 2017 that I considered applying this change to our current lifestyle. 

A Life Changing Experience

Home, a place that I am learning to love and appreciate. When I moved into my house four years ago, I never really thought about my home’s comfort. I was too busy trying to work, pay bills, survive, and provide for my family. Typically doing this is not a bad thing, except I allowed it to get to the point that I turned into a nervous wreck, and my home became my hiding place. As this vicious cycle kept occurring, my house started to look a mess, and I wasn’t spending as much time with my family. My life was spiraling out of control, and it wasn’t until God allowed certain situations to happen that would change my outlook on life forever.

While driving my children to the barber/beauty shop one summer day, we were in a serious car accident. An oncoming car t-boned us. The gentleman was going at least 50 miles an hour, ran the red light, and was not even looking our way. He struck us so hard that he made my car jump the curb and land onto the parking lot of a nearby business. The situation was very traumatizing; however, I can thankfully say that we all walked away alive. Over time, my children went back to their day to day, as for myself, not so much. The accident’s impact caused some damage to my back, and it was possibly the cause of some future surgeries and issues. Over the next few months, I found myself in and out of therapy, doctor’s offices, and finally sitting at home until I felt better.

During that time of healing, not being able to drive or move, I found myself confined to my home over the next few weeks. As I sat there looking at my four walls, I realized that I had a house, not a home, and everything I was doing was costing me not just money but also my peace of mind. Nothing in my home had a purpose, and to be honest, I never gave it a reason to have one. It was at that moment that I decided that it was time for a change. I told myself that once I could walk around comfortably, I would start turning my house into a home, and that is what I did.

Project Oasis

So I must admit that I am super ecstatic about my home makeover project “Project Oasis”, mostly because it is my house! Since I am currently in school for interior design, I decided to use my home as a blank slate for my fresh design ideas, home improvement, and DIY projects. When I initially chose this house, what I loved about it was its comfortable and serene feel. To me, the house came off very vintage with its ranch-style design, its yellow siding walls, crown molding in the dining room, and the fact there was still room to update. You can tell that the previous owners took care of the home and invested what they could to make it look nice. I loved the house for the dated ascetics; however, I knew that I was going to change it over time to reflect my taste in design.

To give you a quick summary of my first project, here are some quick facts and features:

  • Ranch Style Architecture
  • Single Family Home
  • Built-in 1920
  • Lot: 9583 sqft
  • Flooring: 1200 sqft
  • 3BD 2BTH
  • Walkout Basement
  • Attached 1 Car Garage

As I am planning out the areas that I would like to tackle first, I was looking for a design style that encompasses all my likes and desires. I live for color, culture, and creativity, and I love vintage and eclectic designs. In other words, the aim of this home is a bohemian style with a cultural twist.

I chose an Afro-bohemian design style because it is a combination of different philosophies mixed with how you feel. With this design, you can combine vintage, with a new school way of thinking, with plants, color, culture, animals, and whatever you desire to do. Overall, the goal is to accomplish self-love and self-expression β€” something I wish to implement throughout my home.

In this area, I will share various lessons learned, tips, tricks, and tutorials in;

  • Interior Design
  • Home Improvement
  • Furniture Making
  • Woodworking
  • DIY Projects
  • Houseplants and more.

Homesteading for a Better Life

Another goal is to live a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. One of the ways to accomplish this, is by starting my own backyard urban homestead.

Homesteading is the process of living a more self-sufficient, sustainable, and simple lifestyle by taking on a more traditional way of living. By deciding to homestead, I am going to learn and apply traditional skills to make our home more productive by creating simple systems, producing our own food, planning ahead, and developing ways to bring in supplemental income. For me, the goal of homesteading is to;

  • Get off of the hamster wheel of survival.
  • Become financially free.
  • Transition from my 9 to 5 into full time entrepreneurship.
  • To store enough food to last my family during the winter.
  • To make more time to appreciate the world around us. 

In this area, I will share various lessons learned, tips, tricks, and tutorials in;

  • Food Preparation & Canning
  • Home Cooked Meal Recipes
  • Animal Raising
  • Home Making Skills
  • Gardening and more

Where Can You Find Us?

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